Maintaining your hair removal at home

As you know you would normally experience some hair growth between treatments.  However, due to the situation of Covid-19 and self isolation you will have to wait longer than normal to receive an electrolysis appointment. In some cases many months rather than weeks. This may be a distressing time for some and we wanted to reassure you that we can give you the tools to manage your hair growth until we see you again.

Remember this is just a minor blip in your treatment program and this will not effect any treatment you have previously had with us (as long as you follow the advice given)

To manage the hair growth in-between treatments we would ordinarily recommend that you cut the hair as this will temporarily remove them without interfering with the root of the hair and affecting results. If you only have a few hairs or they are fine, please continue to cut the hairs using nail scissors.  However, those of you with a much stronger and more dense hair growth covering a large proportion of your face may wish to shave the area. This will not affect your electrolysis treatment.

Please do not start shaving the whole face, only the area where the hairs are very, very strong.

Tweezing, threading and waxing must be avoided during a course of electrolysis. These methods will stimulate and have a detrimental effect on the hair growth.

Keep a look our for our regular tips and advice.

In the meantime if you need any further advice please email or call the salon (our phone is manned from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri) 

Remember we are still here for you.

Keep happy and healthy