Introducing The Lift Bespoke Facial

1 hour 45 minutes £95.00

Are you looking for a facial that does that little bit more to deliver the very best results, using the finest ingredients and most advanced techniques?

We are pleased to introduce to you the new results driven Lift Bespoke Facial.

This facial combines different skin care, techniques and machines to offer you the very best results. Tailored specifically to your individual needs and carried out by owner Hayley who has over 20 years experience in skin care and facials.

Hayley will conduct a thorough consultation and using this information gathered will carryout a bespoke facial, especially targeting your skin concerns and needs. Whether you would like a conventional, holistic facial, cosmeceutical treatment or combining high-tech machines with traditional procedures, Hayley can create the perfect facial just for you.

Call: 01473 226900 or click here to book on-line