Jessica Manicure, GELeration & The Gel Bottle Nails


Jessica Prescriptive Manicure

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure

Your nails will be analysed and treated for their specific nail type. The manicure will include exfoliation, massage and cuticle care. Your nails will be beautifully shaped and treated with a prescriptive base coat finishing with the perfect polish. £28.00 – 45 minutes.

Jessica Deluxe Manicure with Thermal Mittens

Jessica’s intensive moisturising treatment incorporating thermal heated mittens aiding nail growth, softening cuticles and skin. Excellent for improving the circulation, relieving stiff and painful joints. £35.00 – 1 hour.

Jessica File & Paint

For when your nails are at their best; file and custom polish.  £22.00 – 30 minutes.

Gel Nails

Jessica GELeration Manicure

The beauty of a Jessica manicure using a gel varnish. With the health of the natural nail in mind, GELeration’s gel formula delivers a long lasting, flawless finish that’s dry in seconds and protects the natural nail. £38.00 – 1 hour.

The Gel Bottle Manicure

A revolutionary gel polish; The Gel Bottle Inc are rich, highly pigmented, chip resistant polishes that offer extremely long lasting shine. The polishes are also Vegan and Cruelty Free  £38.00 – 1 hour.

Deluxe Jessica GELeration Manicure

Includes the benefits of a Jessica manicure with thermal mittens to intensively moisturise your hands. Cuticles will be cared for, nails will be shaped and finished with Jessica’s GELeration gel polish. £46.00 – 1¼ hours.

The Gel Bottle or Jessica GELeration File & Polish

For when your nails are at their best.  Gel file and polish  £29.00 – 30 minutes.

Add On….

The Gel Bottle Inc BIAB

Builder in a Bottle gives natural nails the strength of acrylic. Ideal for weak and damaged nails. £5.00

Magpie Glitter

For the wow factor add one of our extensive range of Magpie glitters to your manicure or pedicure £5.00

French Polish

Complete your manicure with a classic French polish £5.00

Basic Gel Removal

When it is time to gently remove your Gel polish. £16.00



GELeration at Lift Beauty
GELeration at Lift Beauty
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