Just because you can’t make your regular eyebrow appointments doesn’t mean you should be reaching for the tweezers for a D.I.Y job. On behalf of all of our hard work, step away from the tweezers!

Why not take this time to slather on some growth serum and just let them grow?  Yes, they may look a little messy but no one is going to see them, so it’s the perfect time to achieve your ultimate brow goals.

If you prefer a thinner shape, brush your brows upwards with an old mascara wand or brow comb and use a pair of nail scissors to cut any hairs that grow longer than the top of your brow.


For those of you with our Novalash Classics or Novalash American Volume lashes please follow our advice on how to look after your lashes.

Step 1: Please resist the temptation to pick at your lashes – this can ultimately damage the hair follicle which can cause trauma to the lash line, stunting the natural growth.

Step 2:   To keep your lashes looking at their best, it is essential to brush them to avoid tangling and unwanted clumping.  Make sure you are replacing your disposable brush after use, or shampoo to clean the bristles and reuse. Brushing more frequently will encourage the extensions to break away from the natural lash without damage.

Step 3: Now you will be glad you purchased our CleanLash pads – using these woven lint-free pads which are soaked in pomegranate seed oil is your best option to cleanse, condition and hydrate the eye area. Always cleanse lashes at night to allow the oily residue to work it’s magic. *Top Tip* massage the remaining oil around the eye area to hydrate the skin.

If you do not have the CleanLash at hand, we encourage you to use an oil-based product. Any products containing glycerol will break down the adhesive, resulting in the lash extension to break away from the natural lash. 

NovaLash extensions should shed evenly, usually from the longest length to the shortest as we apply 3 different lengths evenly eye-to-eye during application to suit the natural lashes. If your extensions starting to flip or twist towards the 3-4 week mark be patient and continue to brush thoroughly as these are ready to shed naturally.