Following on from the latest update from the World Heath Organisation which has officially labelled the COVID-19 virus as a pandemic, we wanted to reassure you that we take our hygiene standards very seriously at Lift this is down to the rigorous training and strict hygiene rules we have invested in and wanted to share with you the additional measures we have put in place to prevent the potential spread of the COVID-19.

Our hygiene is always the highest standard, however, we have now implemented further cleaning checks and processes to ensure we are compliant with the government advice and guidance. When you first arrive at the salon we will be asking you to help with our hygiene policies by sanitising your hands.

We use and have always used medical grade sterilisation fluids for all of our tools and equipment and will continue to do so.

We will also be calling all clients 24 hours before your appointment, this may seem a little overbearing, but we wish to ensure all clients who are not well are not a risk to others, we have many vulnerable clients that visit us. With this in mind please inform us prior to your appointment if you have been or have been in contact with anyone that has visited an “at risk” country. If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, cough or feeling unwell in general we will ask you to reschedule your appointment.

As a small local business we have bills to pay, not least our wonderful team to support and we need your help. May we please ask respectively that if you are unable to make your appointment please can you provide us with a courtesy call as soon as possible.

We fully support and completely understand those who are self isolating and needing to be at home and have of course have wavered our cancellation policy during these uncertain and very difficult times, but please try to give us as much notice as possible so that we can run our appointments as effectively as possible.

We also understand that self isolation can happen the day of your appointment, but as experienced over the past two days a call just minutes before an appointment or not showing up is very difficult to manage.

As you can appreciate we are monitoring this situation on a day to day basis and will advise you of any changes.

We are doing our very best to look after you, please look after us. Thank you for your understanding.


Warmest wishes

Hayley & the Lift Team