No preview…..


We can’t offer a preview for the treatment of the month as we do not know at which point we will open, however, when we do open we will make it a special one. After all I think we will all be over due some TLC (and probably hair removal!) after weeks/months of isolation.

Whilst this time is unsettling and we tread unknown waters we can use this time positively, after all when do we get ever have the opportunity to stay at home? I have put a few suggestions below which may help you during this time


  • Connect with others remember self isolation is not solitary confinement. It is important to keep in touch. We thrive on human contact but when this isn’t an option we can still talk; whether old fashioned, by picking up the phone or embracing the world of technology and talking through video message; Facetime, WhatsApp or Messenger. Remember its good to talk!
  • Learn something new; how many times have you said “I wish I had time to..”.The team & I are going to brush up our skills in the beauty world. As many of you know I am obsessed with the skin and how it functions, I will be delving deeper into this; which I hope will benefit you too. I am also going to learn how to make pasta like a pro (well lets hope, as the shelves have no pasta on them!)
  • Read a book, listen to an audio book, do a jigsaw puzzle. Unleash your creativity; draw a picture, take up some DIY. This is guilt free time to spend doing things you haven’t had time to enjoy. This time really does make us appreciate the little things in life, savour the moments.
  • Exercise: This is good for mental and physical health and there are an abundance of free work outs available on social media.  I have been taking part in Joe Wicks PE lessons with my children each morning, which are not easy! Here are a few different ones that I have found: Oti Mabuse (strictly Dancing) is offering a free evening dance class at 7.30pm on Facebook Live ranging from salsa to the jive. Joe Wicks also does an exercise class for seniors take a look @thebodycoach for more information. You can leave your house once a day to exercise so try a short walk/run or walking the dog, to give yourself some space and help reduce any tensions. Do continue to follow government guidance and practice social distancing.
  • Social Distancing can be hard on your mental health too. Remember to take breaks from social media coverage, over exposure tends to heighten anxiety. Yoga and meditating can help too, Headspace is a fantastic app for mindfulness ( Calm is another good app ( to help with sleep and stress.
  • It goes without saying drink enough water, eat regular, healthy meals and get enough sleep.


We will get through this stronger than before, we’re all in it together ❤️